Friday, October 23, 2009

Ten Commandments

Ten Commandments to retain power
A simple lesson for ruling parties to keep on winning the election
(Readers are requested not to confuse this with the recent election results in Maharashtra)

1. Promise the people to make the state's capital into Shanghai and never fulfil that promise.

2. (a) Make sure that there is no popular leader or chief minister in the State.

     (b) Alliance partners always must keep pulling each other  and cut the other to size.

3. Provide sub-standard governance and visionless leadership.

4. Ensure that every day 1,800 people lose their jobs.

5. Keep three out of every eight residents below poverty line.

6. Ensure minimum of 40,000 farmers commit suicide.

7. Load-shedding and food security must be the biggest issues in rural areas.

8. Inequality between rural and urban should be maintained at 1 : 2.5.

9. Land-grabbing in various forms should be the biggest occupation of the state.

10.Ensure minimum average increase of the assets of the legislateurs is 339% during their tenure.

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